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Delivered To Schools

The Child Protection Foundation is proud to announce that thanks to our $10,000 Commonwealth Bank Staff Grant we have now placed a copy of our short educational film "Silence" along with it's Teachers Study Guide into every public secondary school in NSW, a total of 361 DVD's.
The Schools will make their own decision as to whether they add Silence to their curricular but we are hopeful that each principal and their staff will see the educational virtues of Silence as a resource and implement the program.
Foundation director Kerry Fozzard said "We are thrilled to have been able to deliver Silence to the NSW public secondary sector, now we can focus on the other secondary schools in NSW, we are also looking into distribution in Victoria. We just need to continue raising funds and hopefully acquire a few more grants which will allow us to continue with our secondary school program and implement our primary school initiatives.

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Sixth Annual
Bowl Barefeet for
Child Protection Week
Sunday September 11 2016
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“Bowl Barefeet for Child Protection Week” was held at Padstow Bowling and Recreation Club on September 11, 2016
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